Much thought and consideration goes into the naming of a destination in hopes of creating an image in the mind and emotional response from those that hear it.

When city leaders wanted to name the rezoned portion of downtown Broken Arrow to an arts and entertainment district, they chose to honor a rich heritage from a city founded in 1902.

Early civic leaders saw the need to beautify the city’s original landscape of sparse prairie land and called on residents to adorn it with bushes, trees and flowers. Rose bushes were a popular choice and soon travelers nicknamed Broken Arrow the “City of Roses.”

Today, civic leaders are once again transforming the landscape by reviving the historic downtown area to breathe new life into the heart of Broken Arrow and return it to a gathering place for all residents.

Along with the rezoning, The Rose District is undergoing a $4 million makeover to provide a pedestrian-friendly space to better accommodate events with fewer traffic lanes, wider sidewalks, mid-block crossing and comprehensive landscaping.