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There are always exciting things to do in the Rose District. Have a relaxing day at one of our spas, check out a museum, or show your creative side by visiting places like Pinot's Pallette or The Succulent Shop!

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Closing Day for the Interactive Water Feature will be October 15

The Interactive Water Feature is a Rose District favorite! Here are a few FAQs about this Rose District staple:  What time does the feature turn on? The feature turns on daily at 9 am. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the feature shuts off at 11 pm and while school is in session the feature shuts off at 10 pm. Why has it shut off? There could be a number of reasons why the feature has shut off. An emergency stop button is located on the north-facing wall of the south pavilion that turns it off for 30 minutes. This is a safety feature in the case of someone getting hurt or ill while playing. Another possibility is debris infiltrating the system. It is important that guests refrain from allowing trash or other items from getting into the system. What is the difference between a splash pad and the interactive water feature? Unlike the splash pads found at other City of Broken Arrow facilities, the water in the interactive water feature is recirculated. Meaning freshwater is not being pumped in continuously, but rather the same water is being recycled. The recycled water has standards but is not at cleanliness to ingest.  The interactive water feature functions in the same manner as an aquatic facility.  The system is designed to sanitize the fountain’s water by both chemical and UV light treatment.   Park Dept. personnel check the water quality twice per day, 7 days per week.  Water chemical sanitizer levels are tested prior to the daily start-up time, and then again in the afternoon.  An automated controller regulates the chemical sanitizer levels, and it has low and high parameters set that will shut down the water feature should sanitizer levels go outside these parameters.  The UV light system disinfects water continually.  The fountain has operated under these protocols since it opened in 2016.  All our park site splash pads are operated using a freshwater source.

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